Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Bourjois' Volume Glamour Mascara, and Why You Need It

Normally a picture of my face that size would never make it's way onto my blog, but this mascara is so good that I'm putting up with the fact that my face is plastered 750 pixels wide.

Bourjois' Volume Glamour Max Holidays mascara has been at the bottom of the pile of products for a long time but I finally cracked it out and it's love. I'm not blessed with long, fluttery lashes; all in all they're pretty mediocre. Thankfully this mascara has been coming to the rescue, giving my lashes definition, volume and length. I gravitate towards plastic wands normally (anything like the They're Real wand) but this fibre brush really coats the lashes well.

At the end of a long day it might have flaked a little but that's nothing a sweep over the cheeks can't fix. Whilst it isn't waterproof, I don't think this prevents it from holding a curl in the lashes, so it's pretty easy to remove! Bourjois is steadily becoming one of my favourite drugstore brands and this product is definitely something that I'll repurchase! 

Thursday, 18 June 2015

Dancing Shoes

Crop Top - H&M // Skirt - River Island // Bag and Shoes - New Look // Olivia Burton

If you're even an infrequent visitor my corner of the internet, you'll know I'm not one to dress up. Thankfully where I go to university it's normal to wear trainers on a night out so you're way more likely to Nikes than in heels. But there's one event a year when you feel obliged to bring out a pair of heels - the university ball. It's still quite a casual night, with fair ground rides and gigs dotted around university, but it's the most dressy that I've been in a while and I thought that was reason enough to share the outfit with you! I think I've found the right balance between all dressed up and casual so expect me to repeat variations of this outfit for a while.

Although I have to make a confession. On the night I cheated and cracked out the comfy ankle boots- they still have a heel but I just couldn't face a night of queues and dancing in these shoes. One day I'll learn how to brave the pain, I swear. There's just something about being 5ft10" without heels that makes me feel like a, awkward towering lump. Are there any other tall girls that feel the same? 

I've been home from university now for just under a week and I'm feeling a little lost. I've decided that this summer it's time for me to read every classic novel under the Sun. If you have any recommendations please leave them in the comments! x

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Perfect Waste of Time

Dress, Tee & Rings - Primark // Sneakers - Nike // Bag - Topshop //  Sunglasses - Warehouse // Watch - Olivia Burton 

This dress is an oldie but a goodie, and one I rarely wear. But my pale legs have to see the Sun a couple of times a year and today seemed like the perfect day. Martha and I wasted some time today by walking through the park near our flat. Because my first year of university has officially finished, I have all the time in the world to while away! I'm so excited to put more time into this blog again. 

It's only starting to hit me that the year is over because people have started moving out. Campus is starting to feel like a ghost town and the park that was packed with students last week is now empty. Last Friday we attended the University Ball (in my next post I'll show you my outfit!). There were fairground rides galore and my flatmates and I spent the night riding the carousel and watching Ella Eyre and Annie Mac perform (it wouldn't be right if Leeds didn't throw some house music in there, right?) Needless to say, I've been listening to Annie Mac's mixes ever since. We ended the night, and first year as a whole, with sore feet and high spirits. 

These past ten months have thrown me out of my comfort zone and thrown so many beautiful people into my life. My year as a Fresher has given me so much more than I had ever expected; I have a new city to call home and a new set of people to call my family. I can't wait for second year to begin already, although I know it will be entirely different. Of course, you'll be hearing all about it!

It's time for me to sign off before I get too sentimental, though. It's just gone midnight and a song has just come on shuffle that always brings a tear to my eye. If you're not feeling in too fragile a state go and listen to My Sad Captains by Elbow. They're one of my favourite bands and the meaning of this song is beautiful and sad at the same time, and so relevant to my life at the moment. x

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

New Rings and Things

Since I can remember I've been a gold jewellery kind of gal, but something switched in me recently and now I'm all about silver! I headed down to Primark to get my quick fix of new jewellery- whilst they don't have the longevity, they're great for swapping and changing because they're so cheap! On different days I want different styles, but right now I love the ornate designs of these rings. I picked up two sets which I mix and match- and only for £5!

If you want to see how I got this evil-eye nail design I wrote a tutorial last year here.

This post is a short and sweet one- exams have just finished so I'm getting this blog back in tip-top shape! I'm brainstorming ideas for posts so if there's anything that you want to see let me know x