Friday, 30 October 2015

Oh, Tommy

Sweater - Vintage Tommy Hilfiger // Skirt - Dorothy Perkins // Trainers - Nike MD Runner 2 // Rucksack - Herschel // 

The idea that October is over tomorrow is kinda ever so slightly sending me into crisis mode. I love Autumn but I can't be the only one that is finding it hard to believe that 2015 is nearly over? Halloween is one day away and I still haven't decided on what to go as. I shot this outfit a few weeks ago and it definitely isn't warm enough to go bare legged anymore. *cries*

Crises aside, I have something cool to tell you about. My house mate and babe of a best friend Martha is in the process of setting up an online vintage clothing store (aptly named The Vintage Clothing Store). I've personally looked through her collection of finds and cheekily swiped this jumper before it could go on sale because it's the comfiest thing I've ever worn, but there are still some really cool things she has to put on the store. Go like her facebook page to find out when the store goes live! (Also, her instagram account is gr8 so you should follow that too). 

Alright kids, that's your homework for the day. Hope you all have a lovely weekend and that you celebrate Halloween in style, fangs and all. Stay safe! x

Thursday, 22 October 2015

Haul / All You Need For Your Eyes

Each of my most recent beauty purchases have had a coincidental theme (and if you're reading this mum, each product was an essential, I promise...) 

My mascara and eyebrow product had both come to the end and I had a gift voucher for Debenhams so naturally, these three products fell into my basket. I've collected my thoughts on everything and I'm ready to report back..

Urban Decay's Naked Palette- I love this palette, what a shocker. You'll all have heard enough about this so I won't say too much but it didn't disappoint. In this picture I'm wearing Sidecar over the lid and Buck through the crease to blend it out. I mixed the two shades under my eyes too. 

Real Techniques Bold Metals, Brush 200- A birthday present from my university housemates that I honestly can't get enough of. I used it to blend the edges of my eye shadow and it's so soft that I could spend all day blending. Definitely worth the investment; they clean very easily too. 

Maybelline's Lash Sensational Mascara- I think I say this every time I try a new mascara, but I've found a new favourite. My lashes are left long and with volume after a few coats and it doesn't budge. Having said that. it really doesn't budge. I picked up the waterproof version because I've had problems with mascara transferring under my eyes recently so if you have any recommendations for budget-friendly eye-makeup removers that would be amazing! My micellar water doesn't make the cut anymore. 

Maybelline's Brow Satin in Medium Brown- I bought this product last year in a different, slightly lighter shade and fell in love with it. Medium Brown isn't as warm as I thought it might be so it blends in naturally, and whilst I don't use the powder much it's really good to use on it's own for a more natural effect. (I think using the pencil and powder together look too much on me.) 

What have you bought recently- is there anything I need to add to my list? Wishing you all a lovely weekend x

Friday, 16 October 2015

Year Two

Shirt - H&M // Jeans - Zara // Jacket - Topshop // Trainers - Nike

Hey wassup hello everyone, I'm back with another outfit post. Walking through campus last week we found a secluded little corner outside the chemistry building and I thought that the white stone made for a perfect photo background. This is a typical university outfit, wearing my comfiest Zara jeans and a pair of trainers.

Year two of university has only just started and life has been hectic as usual. Whilst that's great (because at least I'm not bored), I'm sad that I can't devote as much time on my blog as I used to. My weeks have to be planned to fit in time to shoot an outfit and edit and do general uni stuff and sometimes things just don't go to plan!

I do have some good things to report on though - on Wednesday I went to see Years & Years and I honestly can't put into words how great they were. Obviously their performance didn't disappoint, there was buckets of stage presence and the music translated perfectly live, the atmosphere was good and Olly even got a fan to sing 'Memo' on stage with him. (A fan with an amazing voice, by the way). I've only posted one 'gram so far but expect many more to come because the lighting display was breathtaking. If you haven't listened to their record Communion then why the heck not?! It's on YouTube, Spotify etc so no excuses people. I'm setting you all homework which is to go listen to their stuff. Let me know if you like it?

I'll leave you with that thought because I feel like I could ramble on and on tonight, and no one wants that and I really need to get a lemon tea and go to bed. Much tired, very sleep. Night, everyone x

Friday, 9 October 2015

Autumn Inspiration 2k15

Hey hey everyone, sorry it's been so long since I last said hi. I'm slowly getting back into the routine of university and trying to schedule a day to blog but so far that hasn't really happened. Until last week I was also seriously lacking inspiration and creativity but things are sort of getting back to normal. So here are seven songs to listen to and a little mood board of things I'm liking for Autumn. All the songs have a chilled vibe, whether they're more electronic or completely acoustic. There's nothing particularly new or ground breaking, but they're perfect for those big scarf, spiced latte kinda days. You feel me?

For me the obsession is still lighter wash jeans and soft camel / rose tones. And texture. Feathers, fur (all faux of course) and a little sparkle. The movie Love, Rosie is one that I've loved all year but it will be the one I watch in a blanket fort this autumn. Seriously don't think I can watch that film too many times, despite the fact that it's made me cry every time I've seen it. 

Right now I'm just about to close my laptop and get a latte (spiced, of course) because it's all I think of since typing this post. Also, what else should I be wearing / listening to over the next month? Recommendations needed! I can't listen to Ryan Adam's cover of the 1989 album forever.