Sunday, 1 March 2015

February Favourites

February has flashed past me and I'm now in panic mode - we're already two months into 2015. Whaaat.

As expected, the last few weeks have been jam-packed with deadlines, but I'm finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. This month I've been a little low on favourite things. I have a new found love for knitwear, with heavy knit jumpers and long slouchy cardigans from Primark being my uniform. 

The choice of peachy-pink lip options will be no surprise if you know me even a little bit, and MAC's Peach Blossom goes so nicely Maybelline's Colorsensational Shine Gloss in Cashmere Rose

After the longest time apart I'm once again inseparable from Essie's Ballet Slippers. It requires patience because it needs a good three or four coats but it leaves the prettiest wash of milky pink that I love. 

Ear cuffs are another thing that I feel have been absent in my life for far too long. I somehow managed to acquire 4 within a week, the love is that strong. I kept them all pretty small and dainty (Primark and Forever21 have some great ones) and now it's left me wondering when I'll actually commit and get the real deal.

My last love of the month has to be Metcalfe's Skinny Topcorn, but only if it's the Sweet 'n Salt kind please. A bag of this has got me through countless evenings of essay writing, and that's quite an achievement. 

That's the end of February for another year. Roll on the warmer months, please! What have you been loving this month? 

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

NOTD: The Floating Manicure DIY

Nail art is something I wish I could do, but every time I pick up a brush to do some intricate detailing I get a case of the shakes. My hands aren't precise enough to do anything remotely fancy so it's better to stick to what's easy, and do it well. This design is super easy - it makes my evil eye nail design look like advanced stuff. 

The floating manicure has been appearing all over the catwalk recently and it's quite possible the quickest and coolest deviation from a standard manicure. Watch this video by British Vogue if you need a little guidance. 

1) Pick two contrasting colours - whichever take your fancy. I used Luxedo and Beyond Cozy by Essie.

2) Paint your nails as you normally would.

3) Wait for this first layer to dry, then use your second colour to paint the nails again, imagining that your nail is smaller. This will leave a border around the edge of the nail, and a "floating manicure" effect! 

Thursday, 12 February 2015



Coat - Marks & Spencer // Shirt - Afflecks Palace, Manchester // Jeans - River Island // Boots - Primark // Watch - Olivia Burton // Name Plate Necklace - MyNameNecklace // Holographic Necklace - Topshop // Phone Case - Primark 

After an evening of research for a university project I decided it was time to get my online life in check and write up this post. All whilst being serenaded by my neighbour, who has decided to play Ed Sheeran's album + at full volume. They're probably completely unaware of the fact that U.N.I is almost sending me to sleep as I type. 

Even though my hours in university have decreased this semester I seem to be rushed off my feet more than ever before. Deadlines are looming and I'm part of a team that are re-instating the university fashion society. Numerous meetings later and we're all realising how much work that's all going to entail. If anyone has any advice on time management / general "how to get your life in order" advice I would really appreciate it! 

*Update* I can hear Thinking Out Loud playing in the background now... 

Now that my rant is out the way, can we just take a minute to talk about Felicity Jones? She's my new obsession and wins woman crush wednesday every week in my books. First of all, I vowed never to get bangs again after several cycles of getting them cut only to remember how much they make my face look like a round blob, but Felicity's hair is always so on point that I'm questioning myself. Should I take some scissors to my hair? The answer is no, I really shouldn't - but it's so tempting. And secondly, I'm a firm believer in the power of winged eyeliner but she rocks a smudged kohl eye so well that I'm grabbing for pencil eyeliner more and more. I'll leave you with those few thoughts because the music has stopped and all is quiet. I have to seize the opportunity of peace while it lasts! 

Thanks to Katy for taking these snaps on a walk around halls one Saturday afternoon!

Friday, 30 January 2015

Back To December

Jumper & Boots - Primark  // Jeans - New Look //  Watch - Olivia Burton // Bracelet - Accessorize 

These photos have been in storage since I shot them at Christmas. This was just before the snow got to the horrible slushy, dirty stage. I hate to admit it, but I've finally reached the stage of life when snow isn't much fun anymore. A little part of me died inside when I practically recoiled at the thought of going out in the snow until I couldn't feel my fingers. Okay, maybe a slight exaggeration... But does anyone else know how I feel?

Aside from that, I feel like I've been a little here and there recently. I've been back in lectures this week but I'm still struggling to get into a routine, and those nights where I stay up over-thinking rather than catching some zzz's are becoming more and more frequent. Aah, life. 

Speaking of sleeping, that's what I should be doing right now. Instead I keep adding songs to my queue on spotify. Night!